Savitri Hostel

Savitri Hostel has been created to provide simple temporary living accommodations for individuals connected with the work of Savitri Bhavan. At the discretion of the Management accommodation may be provided to Aurovilians, registered volunteers, newcomers, or intending newcomers who are giving voluntary service at Savitri Bhavan or to students wishing to explore the educational facilities, or to guests of Savitri Bhavan such as invited speakers or researchers.

The Hostel consists of 9 rooms providing space for total of 12 occupants. All occupants are expected to be self-supporting during their stay and to make the normal contribution of Rs. 150 per day to the Auroville Central Fund through the Auroville Financial Service.

The Savitri Hostel is not a Guesthouse, nor a Charity

The Hostel functions on the ‘gift economy’ principle. No fixed charges are made for either stay or service. Those who are granted the privilege of staying in the Hostel are expected to contribute to the Mother’s Work in at least two ways:

A: By offering at least 35 hours per week of useful service at Savitri Bhavan; and

B:  By offering a generous donation according to their means towards the upkeep of the Hostel premises and facilities and in support of the Mother’s Work at Savitri Bhavan. These conditions may be waived or modified for students and researchers at the discretion of the Management. The amount of donation committed may be discussed with the Management beforehand. Receipts are issued by Savitri Bhavan for every offering and Indian tax-payers are eligible to receive tax exemption on their donations (see details overleaf).

Services offered by the Hostel include laundry and room cleaning. Meals are not provided at the Hostel. Guests may choose to eat at any of several eateries in the vicinity, and facilities are provided for storing food items and preparing light meals in the Hostel kitchen.

A silent and concentrated atmosphere is to be maintained at all times
Cleanliness and Hygiene should prevail throughout the premises.
Guests are asked to support the Management and Staff in maintaining these conditions
The Management cannot accept responsibility for valuables kept in the rooms.
Guests are advised to deposit valuables in the safe and receive a receipt from the Manager.

A Painting by Huta