Readings for hearing at Savitri Bhavan

SAVITRI – A Legend and a Symbol by Sri Aurobindo
Readings available for hearing at Savitri Bhavan (as of October 2, 2010)

Complete readings
Amal Kiran
Udar Pinto

Complete reading in German, by the translator
Kappes, Heinz: 2DVD-MP3

Partial readings :
The Mother: i) lines from Book Three, Canto 2, with music by Sunil
ii) passage from Book Eleven
iii) selected passages, Books One to Ten, set to music by Sunil

Nolini Kanta Gupta : from Book Three. Canto 3, line 80 to Book Nine, line 20
Loretta and Savitri: Book One, The Book of Beginnings

Bhatt, Rashmi Namaste Savitri : Book One, Cantos 1 to 4 (a series of video films of paintings by Agni with a soundtrack of music and the Savitri text read by Rashmi Bhatt); Canto 4 is also available as a DVD

Hemsell, Rod : Book Three – The Book of The Divine Mother

Udar Pinto: various passages, as part of his talk at Savitri Bhavan on April 18,1999.

Readings in front of Sri Aurobindo’s Statue, 28.02.2008 (various readers, varius passages)