Essays on the Gita – Sri Aurobindo
Narrated by Ravi Shankar

First series
Series 01_Chapter 01_Our Demand and Need from the Gita.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 02_The Divine Teacher.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 03_The Human Disciple.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 04_The Core of the Teaching.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 05_Kurukshetra.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 06_Man and the Battle of Life.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 07_The Creed of the Aryan Fighter.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 08_Sankhya and Yoga.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 09_Sankhya, Yoga and Vedanta.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 10_The Yoga of the Intelligent Will.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 11_Works and Sacrifice.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 12_The Significance of Sacrifice.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 13_The Lord of the Sacrifice.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 14_The Principle of Divine Works.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 15_The Possibility & Purpose of Avatarhood.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 16_The Process of Avatarhood.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 17_The Divine Birth and Divine Works.mp3
Series 01 Chapter 18 The Divine Worker.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 19_Equality.mp3
Series 01 Chapter 20 Equality and Knowledge.mp3
Series 01 Chapter 21 The Determinism of Nature.mp3
Series 01 Chapter 22 Beyond the Modes of Nature.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 23_Nirvana and Works in the World.mp3
Series 01_Chapter 24_The Gist of the Karmayoga.mp3

Second series
Series 02_Chapter 01_The Two Natures.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 02_The Synthesis of Devotion and Knowledge.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 03_The Supreme Divine.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 04_The Secret of Secrets.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 05_The Divine Truth and Way.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 06_Works, Devotion and Knowledge.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 07_The Supreme Word of the Gita.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 08_God in Power of Becomin.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 09_The Theory of the Vibhuti.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 10_The Vision of the World-Spirit -Time the Destroyer.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 11_The Vision of the World-Spirit- The Double Aspect.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 12_The Way and the Bhakta.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 13_The Field and its Knower.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 14_Above the Gunas.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 15_The Three Purushas.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 16_The Fullness of Spiritual Action.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 17_Deva and Asura.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 18_The Gunas, Faith and Works.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 19_The Gunas, Mind and Works.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 20_Swabhava and Swadharma.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 21_Towards the Supreme Secret.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 22_The Supreme Secret.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 23_The Core of the Gita’s Meaning.mp3
Series 02_Chapter 24_The Message of the Gita.mp3