Savitri Hostel

The first brick ceremony for the Savitri Hostel took place in the early morning on March 29, 2010; the inauguration was held on September 1, 2012. firstbrickceremony07-new The Hostel has been created entirely with personal donations as a place where simple temporary living accommodation can be provided as a counterpart for services offered at Savitri Bhavan. At the discretion of the Management, accommodation may be provided to registered volunteers, newcomers or intending newcomers who are giving voluntary service in other Auroville services, or to guests of Savitri Bhavan, such as invited speakers or researchers.
The Hostel consists of 9 rooms providing space for totally 12 occupants at a time. Occupants are expected to be self-supporting during their stay, and to make the normal contribution to the Auroville Central
The Savitri Hostel is an opportunity granted to us by the Mother to offer Her something beautiful in the true spirit of Auroville, incarnating the atmosphere of Savitri.
Savitri Bhavan is the home, the dwelling-place of Savitri, who brings the new light of the future. Savitri Hostel is where she receives her guests – whoever the Mother sends to us.
The ideal is to maintain an atmosphere of unfailing loving generosity (so beautifully imaged in the ‘Spirit of Auroville’ painting) which expresses itself in respect, politeness, care, and sympathy. At the same time, as the Mother’s children and servitors, we have a duty to maintain order and beauty and harmony, and a perfect cleanliness and hygiene. This requires from the staff and the guests a great self-discipline – a real sadhana, a tapasya. The task is to maintain a detailed atmosphere, of beauty, cleanliness and order, as well as inter-personal harmony, always keeping in mind what She expects from us at every moment.numérisation0002

A Painting by Huta